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4999 Victoria Avenue Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 4C9

About Us

Our custom landscape designs at the 13th Street Winery  have opened our eyes to the vast opportunities for the businesses of Niagara to create destination hubs for short and long term vacations.   Our Team, located throughout Ontario, provides indepth intellegence on the demographic that visit the Niagara Region.  

All our designs are custom, one of a kind, inspired by nature and used to create inviting and distinct spaces of awe and delight.  
We understand the fine line that joins the need to build financially successful businesses with the need to protect the Natural Green and Blue Jewels of the Niagara region.  We understand progress will not stop.  It is our role to create a symbiotic relationship between progress and celebration/ preservation of the natural environment.

Let us help you create beautiful outdoor places.

Jackie (Vineland), Joaquin + Audric + Khrystyna (Toronto), Pooja (Mississauga), Danielle (Niagara Falls), James (Oakville), Victoria (Beamsville), Raf (London).

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