Barber, Tobias

About Me

My design philosophy is rooted in the beauty, complexity, and functionality of nature. I believe in observing and mimicking natural forms to create products that not only look good but also function well and are sustainable. I design with empathy and put myself in the shoes of the users to understand their needs and desires, resulting in products that are intuitive and enhance their lives in meaningful ways. I prioritize sustainability and strive to use eco-friendly materials and manufacturing methods to minimize waste and pollution. Collaboration is key, as I believe in the power of teamwork to drive innovation and create cutting-edge products. I am committed to creating products that are built to last and that reduce waste by decreasing planned obsolescence and using high-quality materials. I am always seeking growth and improvement, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and using my design philosophy as a guide to create products that make a positive impact on people and the world.