As one of the oldest suppliers of processing, bottling, and labeling equipment in North America, Criveller is recognized not only for high-quality equipment, but also for our technical expertise, design services and superior customer service. Our projects are found coast to coast and encompass the microbrewery and winery sector as well as apple cider production facilities, distilleries, pasta sauce production facilities, blending and metering systems for vodka production, tanks and packaging solutions to the bottled water industry and olive oil production. The Criveller brand has been ...

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FlexPak Leak Detectors Inc provides soultions world wide for testing the seal integrity of packages across all industries including; Food, Pharma, Medical, consumer and industrial goods. Our Flagship product, the FlexPak Leak Detector, provides the required apparatus to perform a variety of ASTM testing standards on various packages; stand-up pouches, form-seal trays, flexible package, rigid containers, and more.

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Moving your Business, one Pallet at a time... Manufacture and recycle new and used wood pallets. Noted for our quick service as well as our efficient and effective processes, Niagara Pallet & Recyclers Ltd. guarantees delivery within 2-3 business days.* Our inventory of more than 30,000 pallets, and our reliable network of contacts, is the backbone of a system designed to serve your needs. Our services include: used pallet removal; pallet retrieval, sorting, and repair; material handling assessment. *Some conditions apply.

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Vin First Innovative Packaging provides innovative packaging solutions to wine and alcohol producers around the world. As the demand for environmentally-friendly/ responsible packaging, by producers of wine and other alcoholic beverages, continues to grow, VinFirst meets this demand with a state-of-the-art facility and more than 40 years of alcohol experience. Our prime location is in the heart of Ontario's Niagara Wine Region, just 15 minutes from the USA border, making us your ideal North American co-packing partner.

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