Founded in 2007, CADcentre empower Designers to flourish in their practice. We are BIM specialists offering solutions and training to streamline design and production, while producing inspiring projects.

Casa Digital Media has the ultimate software tool for interior designers. You get an easy-to-use website builder with free hosting, sales pipeline and CRM platform, email and SMS text marketing, automated review and referral requests, email and text marketing, webchat widget and more. Need help with social media too? Our social media managers have got you covered. Visit for more details.

1200 Brickell Ave, Suite 1950 #135

A holistic business, project management, and logistics software designed to work the way that we do today. ‘Made by interior designers for interior designers’. Join our community as we streamline the way we work to be more efficient, earn more money, free ourselves up to be more creative, making positive changes to the industry workflow.

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