AtlasCare is in business to improve the quality of life for our employees, customers, suppliers and communities through our passion for serving others. Our passion for serving others begins with a passion for what we do. Every individual employee takes great pride in their craft, whether they are working on furnace repairs, air conditioner installations, or duct cleaning. 

Big Ass Fans started by creating safer, more productive work environments in industrial facilities. But we didn't stop there. Proven by our products' performance, what started as a big idea became a workplace revolution and is now best practice for designers, managers, and business owners across every imaginable industry and application. From factories to homes and everywhere in between, Big Ass fans deliver comfort, style, and energy savings that make life and work more enjoyable.

2180 Winston Park Drive

Integrated Clean Air Services is an all-Canadian, family-run business.We are a NADCA certified Air Duct cleaning company in Oakville, Oantario. We clean residential and commercial ductwork, in addition to testing services for radon, indoor air quality, and mould and asbestos inspection.

436 Randall Street

When Spring Air Systems president and founder Thomas Mills or any of our technical staff visit a restaurant, the first thing they notice is the air quality. They know that without fresh, clean air commercial kitchens couldn't function properly and their patrons wouldn't have an enjoyable experience. This passion for quality kitchen enviroments and an obsession with innovation drove Thomas to form Spring Air Systems in 1988. He felt engineering was all about making things better and coming up with new ideas. Especially when it came to more energy-efficient ventilation that led to cost savings.