Monfriese Rum Cakes is run by a mother and daughter team, with over 75 years of baking experience, combined! My mother uses to bake rum cakes during the holidays, which always came out so decadent and moist. We make no compromises when it comes to quality. We ensure that your cake will be given to you in pristine condition so it can be the centerpiece of your next party. 100% Natural Ingredients - Monfriese uses the finest ingredients for our rum cakes and cookies.From high quality rums and spirits to the essentials of baking like eggs and flour, Monfriese uses the best possible ingredients.

19 Victor Blvd, St. Catharines, ON L2T 2B4

10% Discount on Cakes and Cheesecakes

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Full bakery, deli, pastry, and European imported foods: Perogies, cabbage rolls, meat on a stick. Wholesale and retail services. "Since 1968, St. Joseph Bakery has been the place for everything bread, buns, deli and European treats in St. Catharines and is the center of Little Europe."

53 Facer St, St. Catharines, ON L2M 5H7