Air saving nozzles, air knives, amplifiers, air wipes, air operated conveyors, vortex tube technology, vortex coolers, and all other specialized compressed air operated products. A safe non toxic, food grade acid replacement for descaling scale residue.

E3Metals Corp. combines a significant resource with the right technology solutions that have the potential to deliver lithium to market in one of the best jurisdictions in the world.

2300, 150 9th Avenue SW

Water Warehouse - In store bottle filling and delivery. We sell Reverse Osmosis, Spring, Distilled, PH Balanced water. We carry coolers, accessories, water treatment products and ice.

39 - 99 Wye Road
Member 2 Member Discount - Special pricing for Chamber members. 10% off coolers and accessories, 25 cents off per bottle for all water delivery, account pricing for in-store filling.