President, Wifiplex

Rogers Communications Canada Inc.

855 York Mills Road

RVP Sales, Canada, Entrata

2425 Matheson Blvd East

Sales Account Executive, BuildingLink

180 John Street

Director, Marketing, Coinamatic Canada Inc.

301 Matheson Blvd West

Trace Consulting helpes property managers to plan, prep, and make the transition to a more energy-efficient future. Our firm offers a wide range of engineering services, including structural, mechanical, electrical, civil, fire protection, and energy modeling, tailored to ensure the success and efficiency of projects like yours.    Specializing in engineering solutions tailored to the unique demands of each project we undertake.   We are committed to delivering high-quality, sustainable solutions that meet our clients' specific needs and deadlines.

240 Chrislea Road, Suite 105

201-460 Main Street

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