Renae Miller is a current multimedia student at Abiline Christian University. She is a photographer and videographer who specializes in light cinemetography and composites. Her professional works include a short film "Game of Life" (2022) where she worked as grip/gaffer. She's currently working freelance around Texas (for now).

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Hello Green House Productions, Thank you for inviting me to join the Catalyst Writers Group. I really appreciate the opportunity. By means of introduction, I work as a producer/creator/writer in animation. My most recent animation credits include: the TV series "Space Chickens in Space" (co-creator) for Disney EMEA; the feature film "100% Wolf" (executive producer); and the feature film "Monster Zone" (writer/original story). Currently, I am also writing on an animated webisode series for a non-profit about teen suicide (4- episodes). For 2021, it's my goal to expand my career into live ...

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I am an actor and host as well as a Lifestyle Strategist, Wedding Officiant, Speaker and Communication Specialist. *(Not all on the same day~! :))In the process of putting together a sizzle reel for a TV show I want to produce...more to come.I am "one" with endless joie de vivre!

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