Patrick is an actor and voiceover artist hailing from New Jersey. He has been seen in Shudder TV's "Primal Scream", NatGeo's "Something Bit Me" and Amazon's "The Grail." He recently entered the world of animation voiceover as Garth in "The Tuttle Twins." Patrick has also been working with Simulations, Inc. since 2016 as a "simulator doctor" for pharmaceuticals reps.

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Paul Rose, Jr. started his career as a TV journalist, writing & producing the highest-rated weekend newscast in Southwest Florida. That led to the local launch of MSNBC and then promo and industrial work.Not one to sit on his laurels, Paul acted in and wrote plays for both professional and community theater, spent 12 years in a Sheriff's uniform where he also trained as a Forensic Video Analyst, and even worked part-time as a train conductor.Over the course of his career, he's written in just about every medium and format available: radio, TV, print and online journalism, commercial & ...