Hey There! I’m Jason Rugg, a Writer, Director, Voice Actor, Editor, Illustrator and Animator. I spent 2016-2020 working for Phil Vischer (Creator: “Veggietales” & “What’s in the Bible?”) as his Editor, Lead Animator, and Production Manager. in my time with Phil we produced 63 short animated videos, 20 episodes of The Mr. Phil Show; a 22 minute animated television show, and 6 episode of Emily's Show, an animated show for pre-schoolers.

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Aspiring writer. Expiring editor. Former blackjack dealer. Experienced blowhard.

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IMDb NOTE: I am waiting for my credits to upload. Here are the two projects I have under my belt so far: 2021 Pretty Pushers - Feature Proof of Concept; Satire/ Dark Comedy2010 Princess with a Purpose Prep School - Animated Sunday School Curriculum Thank you,Jean

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Aspiring TV writer Jennie Mancinone plotted her return to LA for 20 years, only to arrive six months before lockdown. She continues to pursue her dream along the same avenues she's used since 2018: writing scripts, applying to network fellowships, and building a Twitter network of fellow TV writers and enthusiasts (thanks #preWGA!). As the Fresh Prince once said, "If you stay ready, you ain't gotta get ready." If luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, Jennie is ready to get lucky.

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I am a career visual artist, caricaturist, V/O talent, and theatre director. On the cusp of becoming an empty-nester, I've begun my second act in Los Angeles as a screenwriter, actor and comedian. I'm currently writing a one-woman comedy show and in pre-production for my third short film, "Miami, All Over Again." I study acting at Playhouse West in LA, Improv at The Groundlings, and I'm an alum of The Act One Screenwriting Program. www.JodieFleming.comwww.BIG-SMILE.co

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Joey O’Connor was raised by fourth-generation morticians and lived to tell about it. Joey's emotionally moving stories reflect authentic characters with strengths and flaws, who navigate family drama, love, grief, and loss. As an Ironman athlete, Joey lives with the intimate knowledge that writing is an endurance sport. Joey is an award-winning author of 21 books and screenplays. AMONG KINGS, co-written with Ken Straw,won five screenwriting awards in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City and Virginia. Joey is also the producer of the award-winning short film series, The Scott Rigsby Story. ...

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To me, acting is about creating believable characters who experience truthful relationships. It gives me the ability to portray a message through the power of storytelling to make a difference in people’s lives. I love being able to step outside of myself to experience life through another person’s eyes and empathize with their story and choices.With my essence being either an authority figure, commanding presence, or the dark side of intimidation, I deliver on all things in uniform or suit and tie. Having had real-life experience as a certified law enforcement officer, playing authoritative ...

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I began my acting journey in 2009 with an Improv troop in New Orleans. I spent my weekends in workshops above a venue, and at the end of class we performed for a crowd downstairs. It was a great enviroment to learn and recieve immediate feedback from the public. After a few months I started incorporating weekly acting classes and networking with casting companies. I ended up doing tons of featured background work and stand-in jobs for a few years, with a couple auditions here and there. During these times I was also in training to be a professional circus artist. In 2013 I landed my first ...

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Justin Storrs began his screenwriting career by co-writing and producing the short film Our Rose Garden, which was distributed by BMG and was the winner of several film awards, including Best Faith Film at the Long Beach Indie International Film Festival and a Remi Award at the 51st Annual WorldFest-Houston. He is an independent writer, editor, and producer, and a freelance screenwriter for Family Theater Productions. He is married to writer-director Ligia Maria Storrs, who is also his writing partner.