Barret Helms wanted to be America’s first Black President, but when Obama beat him to it, he had an existential crisis and dropped out of college. He became a fashion model for Abercrombie, Glamour, and Cosmo; worked as an actor in projects including Lee Daniels’ Precious; and eventually went back to school to become an Ivy League graduate, USC George Lucas Scholar, and Annenberg Fellow. Having never quite given up social justice, Barret currently serves as Inclusion & Equity Coordinator at the Writers Guild of America, West. He enjoys writing about Black leaders of all types.

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I am a native of Los Angeles, California who relocated to Philadelphia, PA in2020. My background is operational management which makes me the kind ofproducer who is great with paperwork, regulations, finances andlogistics. I have a reputation for making things happen, but I doit with a no-nonsense attitude that not everyone appreciates. I workalmost exclusively on faith-based projects, and am usually the shotcaller.I am usually approachable and personable, but I am abit “all-business.” I serve the Jesuswho made great wine for drunk people, beat up merchants taking advantage ofthose who were ...

I'm an actor, writer, producer, comedian, and entertainment host. "You know who you look like?" people always ask. "Yes, I know: Bryan Cranston ... or William H. Macy." I'm an everyman - a leading character actor often seen for the role of a helping professional like a doctor or teacher. I love telling stories that entertain, inspire and bring people together!

I have been working in film and television for over 10 years, but I've been writing stories as long as I could tell a great lie. There are a million bajillion ideas swimming in my brain and I want to get them out onto the page. I love what I do and currently that is producing featured, human-interest segments for a network tv show that has aired for 50 years.

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