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27 September 2024 - Digital Learning Showcase

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This event is one of the highlight events of our inaugural L&D Week, happening from 23-27 September 2024. This year's theme is "Manaakitanga in L&D: Fostering Learning through Collaboration and Care."

Join us as we unveil a diverse array of cutting-edge digital learning and development solutions, meticulously crafted to tackle real business challenges. This event promises to be a game-changer, providing insights into the latest trends and innovations in the digital learning landscape.

What to Expect:

  • Engage with local speakers showcasing their business needs, practical and innovative digital solutions, key learnings, and the remarkable outcomes achieved.
  • Dive deep into practical applications as presenters demonstrate how they successfully implemented their solutions, offering valuable insights applicable to your own challenges.

Why Attend?

  • Inspiration and Idea Generation: Prepare for an exhilarating day filled with thought-provoking discussions, creative ideas, and forward-thinking concepts. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of inspiration and innovation.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, professionals, and like-minded individuals during this unparalleled networking opportunity. Build relationships, exchange ideas, and discover potential collaborations that could elevate your digital learning endeavours.

  • Real World New Zealand Based Insights: Gain practical and real work solutions that meet the dynamic needs of businesses and learners here in New Zealand.  

Register today and book your spot for a day that promises not only a wealth of knowledge but also an enriching experience. Don't miss out on the 2024 Digital Learning Showcase – where innovation meets practicality, and solutions become possibilities.

Secure your spot now and be part of this transformative event!


0830 – Registration
0900 – Showcase
1600  – Close

Showcase Sessions:

We are just finalising the speaker list and session descriptions. Here is a sneak peek to get you excited. Watch this space as we update with more info.

  • Streamlining L&D Operations: Boosting Efficiency with
    Yasmin Kachwala and Penelope Chu-Ong, 2Degrees

    At 2degrees, we've been actively exploring different tools and methods to boost operational efficiencies within our OD team. Recently, we discovered a tool that has proven effective for us in streamlining our processes. has revolutionized how our team handles Learning and Development tasks, simplifying content management and creating a centralized hub for effortless organization and tracking. This directly benefits learners by ensuring a smoother learning experience through accessible, well-organized content. 

    The integrations within facilitate seamless collaboration among team members, enhancing task management, progress tracking, and ensuring learners stay engaged and informed. 

    Automation has not only saved time but also enabled our team to invest more in crafting enriched learning experiences. The real-time data reporting feature empowers us to make strategic decisions that directly benefit learners, leading to more tailored and impactful learning plans. 

    Through its detailed breakdown of business units, aids in swiftly addressing common learner issues, ensuring a more personalized and effective learning journey. Importantly, enables us to track and highlight the value we bring to 2degrees, showcasing our contributions in creating meaningful learning experiences for our learners.

  • Capturing the Heart in Compliance Learning
    Jan McCarthy and Izette duToit, NZ Post

    The NZ Post Cyber Security Team
    identified that our systems and networks were vulnerable to cyber-attacks, primarily from our knowledge workers. The goal was to get 4000+ employees to consistently practice cyber-safe behaviour. As New Zealand's parcel and mail delivery business we are heavily dependent on digital systemsThe potential impact of a successful cyber-attack on day-to-day operations and customer trust is substantial. Motivated by the impending cyber insurance renewal and mindful of reputational damage, our task was to overhaul existing training methods that were failing to address the identified issues. Our team had to disrupt the norm and come up with a digital learning solution that met the need. Our solution won a 2023 LearnX Platinum Award.

  • Driving Change: Enhancing Police Driver Training Through Digital Transformation
    Ann-Marie Pickles, NZ Police

    In this presentation, "Driving Change: Enhancing Police Driver Training Through Digital Transformation,"
    we'll explore how Police driver training has evolved from a manual, paper-based assessment process to a streamlined, digital approach.

    The challenge: To modernise the assessment process for Police trainees (recruits) who are evaluated on their driving abilities in a variety of situations. The previous process involved labour-intensive online PDF assessments, manually completed by recruits and instructors, with a senior instructor handling collation and grading. 

    Our solution: To collaborate with HW Richardson, a privately-owned transport company in Invercargill, to enhance the On-The-Job Training activity in Totara. This provided an opportunity to create an online course that integrated feedback, On-The-Job Training, and checklist activities. Recruits now submit online declarations and driving histories, and complete quizzes. Using the On-The-Job Training activity, Instructors conduct eleven driving assessments. 

    The outcome: Development of a digital solution that has proven its effectiveness in terms of time savings and facilitation of a simplified process for generating end-of-course reports. This digital transformation also provides enhanced visibility into recruits' progress and instructors can complete assessments using mobile devices, thereby ensuring accessible feedback for all users. 

    Join us for this practical case study on the effective integration of digital solutions in Police Driver Training. During this session we look forward to sharing insights and envisioning the future of online assessments.


  • Using Digital tools to Destigmatise the Conversation around Family Violence
    Tania Vercoelen and Marie Richardson, Wavelength and ACC

    Family violence is a significant issue in New Zealand yet there is considerable stigma around seeking help or speaking up about it, particularly in the workplace. To reduce a stigma, we must actively spread awareness and normalise conversation around sensitive topics. The ACC Family Violence Workplace Programme aims to ensure that ACC employees and clients
    impacted by family violence can safely access information, are supported, and connected with specialist services.  

    With this goal in mind, ACC commissioned Wavelength to create a series of learning modules to support ACC's people to better identify and appropriately respond to family violence. The content for these modules was developed in collaboration with SHINE, New Zealand's leading specialist family violence service provider.  

    Key to the success of this project was ensuring the modules would be informative and impactful, but also something that staff felt motivated to engage with. With the visual design of the modules, we wanted to take an inclusive and strengths-focused approach, rather than depicting people at their most vulnerable. We chose to take inspiration from the stars and the night sky, telling a story of moving from darkness to light as learners progressed through the content of the modules.  

    In this presentation we'll show the learning modules and describe our human-centred approach to design and deliver this meaningful project

  • Saving Lives with Learning Design: Resurrecting a Life-saving Training Programme
    Joanna Smith and Emma Southey-Ray, Pukeko Learning Solutions

    A hospital
    required accessible eLearning that would empower a variety of staff, from doctors to receptionists, to monitor, report and take action on or escalate observed patient deterioration.

    While the hospital had previously built a suite of courses to support this need, the courses were in a variety of formats, built by a range of different people, over different times, and their locations in the LMS made clear learning pathways challenging. Staff were frustrated, confused, and complained of wasting time. Links were broken, and reporting was challengingFor these reasons, the old learning programme was taken off the compulsory learning list. 

    The project was therefore to redesign the programme, so that: 

    1) Staff could quickly find what they needed to learn, 

    2) Courses were consistent with each other in regards to the learning experience 

    3) Courses were updated with the latest information and processes 

    4) Courses were easy to follow and efficient to complete 

    5) Learning pathways were easy to follow 

    6) Reporting was clean 

    If we got all of that right, the hospital could put the programme back on the compulsory training list, thereby helping staff to consistently monitor and act on patient deterioration, and thereby reduce loss of life.

  • VR the Future of Training: Site Safe NZ's Virtual Reality Training Journey
    Sherin Sunny, Site Safe and Dean Lloyd, Skills VR

    The future of training is here with Site Safe New Zealand's first virtual reality (VR) health and safety training courses for New Zealand construction sector. These VR courses, developed with industry and our VR development partner
    SkillsVR with support from the Ministry of Social Development, are designed to provide initial health and safety training through a virtual onsite experience that accurately simulates hazards present in a real construction environment.

  • Appropriate Workplace Behaviours at SkyCity. The implementation of an E-learning with an Impact
    Jennifer Sykes and Ram Lingam, Sky City

    Our story: We would like to share an exciting story on how we designed a key online learning module that unleashed active engagement and high impact with our learners.

    About the learning module: The eLearning module is called ‘Appropriate Workplace Behaviours', a 20-minute module that was deployed groupwide at SkyCity in February 2023 by our internal L&D team. Our immersive eLearning module equips our employees with the skills to navigate today's diverse workplaces to create a diverse and inclusive culture, free from bullying and harassment. The learning ensured our leaders and employees understood the expectations of them and gain skills to resolve ‘simple'/early inappropriate behaviours. 

    Impact story: This online module is selected as finalists for the HRNZ Organisational Award 2024 and we are awaiting the results from the final roundThe learning got a highest rating among all our learning programmes with much post-learning engagement and feedback from leaders and employees alike. It impacted on our engagement survey results in a positive way enabling building a culture of diversity and inclusion where everyone understands appropriate workplace behaviours and leaders are able to positively role model this. 

    The story of our design: We have infused the use of AI video generator Synthesia into the module that designed in Articulate Rise 360. Key features of this eLearning module are interactive activities, gamification, relatable scenarios and clear support tools. 

    Evaluation: 4475 team members across SkyCity have completed this E-learning. The live data shows that for the question "I feel that completed the ‘Appropriate Workplace behaviour at SkyCity' E-learning has been a valuable use of my time, the ELearning scored a 4.70/5.0!

  • Digital Moana - Snackable Learning to Boost Cultural Competency
    Lulia Leilua, The Culture and Design Lab

    How can snackable learning deployed across an organisation's digital screens create a more inclusive and diverse workplace
    In this presentation, Iulia Leilua talks about Digital Moana, an initiative that delivers snackable Māori and Pacific cultural awareness messaging throughout the day, 365 days a year, on an organisation's digital display screensThis includes lunchrooms, reception areas, common areas as well as computersThe messaging is peer reviewed by Māori and Pacific curriculum advisors, Tiriti o Waitangi and Maramataka experts and designed to be easily accessible and digestible.

    The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, developed by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus in the late 1800s, shows the dramatic decline of memory retention over time when people fail to consciously review or put into practice what was learned immediately following a lesson or training. It implies that a large proportion of information is lost within the first few hours of learning and only 25% of information is retained after just one weekEbbinghausFind out how digital snackable learning can boost memory retention and complement cultural awareness and diversity and inclusion workshops and seminars.

  • Utilising a Digital Coaching Solution for Improved Performance at Scale
    Anya Anderson, Redseed

    Why coaching is the missing piece of the digital learning puzzl
    e? How to supercharge your learning by using coaching to reduce time to competence and get your learners further along the skill acquisition curve and get superior results? Focusing on active learning, that is practical and has a goal to change behaviour. How scaleable coaching is underpinned by current learning theory and research that shows the impact on individual performance, loyalty, NPS and sick days as well as organisational performance. Coaching is a well-established performance enhancer in business, the difficulty has always been how to implement this successfully at scale.

  • Making CPD easy. A case study with the Plumbers, Gas Fittters and Drainlayers Board
    Ben Knill, IO and Gasfitters

    Compliance training is never easy, especially with practical external audiences. The Plumbers Gasfitters and Drainlayers board needed a solution to make Continuous Professional Development (CPD) as simple and accessible as possible. Hear how we turned a text heavy workbook into a visual and interactive learning experience that delivered the compliance outcomes the board needed.

    We'll go through the process of simplifying complexity with visual content and delivering a familiar mobile experience direct from the board's website with no LMS login. We'll also look at practitioner feedback and what comes next to make the learning as targeted and relevant as possible.

  • Practical Principles for Effective Training with Digital Platforms
    Stephen McConnachie, Think eLearning

    Are you getting the best out of your digital training platforms? This
    session will explore the core principles of effective digital practice that apply to any digital platform. Rather than showcasing one particular solution, this theory-to-practice session unpacks transferable skills grounded in research and experience. Key learning objectives include factors to consider when choosing a digital platform, and elements of effective activity design when using a digital tool in your training. We've all seen training programmes where the digital platforms are just gimmicky, or dry, or clunky. This workshop will equip trainers and developers to ensure a chosen digital solution is meaningful, interesting, and seamlessly integrated into your training programme. Take your digital facilitation beyond "entertaining", through "engaging", to truly effective.

  • The Move to Digital - Driving an Inclusive Experience
    Kirsty Harrison, Foodstuffs North Island

    The world of Supply Chain is one that's in constant change and is faced with multiple challenges on the daily. Like many, the last few years have seen large scale events impact our operation from Covid, Floods, attracting/retaining talent and everything in between!  

    Our training is heavily regulated due to the safety risks that exist in our Distribution Centres/Depots, and we take the safety of our people seriously. We needed to bring our induction into 2024 and create something that was efficient and engaging. Our vision was to develop a solution that Team Members felt connected to and could easily understand in pursuit of safety and delivering on our customer promises.  As we began the transition from paper based resources to online learning we realized very quickly that we had to pivot our approach. Over 50% of our workforce account for Maori or Pacifica cultures, many of which have English as a second language. The best chance we have of keeping our teams safe is to make our learning as inclusive as possible and so the start of our journey begins!


  • Parking is available at Foodstuffs Landing Drive.  Please park in the visitor parks.
  • Catering will be provided.  We will confirm dietary requirement closer to the time.


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