Enhancing competence in supervision: Power, Process and Emotion in Supervision Monday, May 30, 2022
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Online Workshop: 2 half-days Monday 30 May & 7 June, 2022, 9.00am – 1.00pm presented by Fiona Howard

In this workshop, Fiona will build on previous approaches to supervision covered in the introductory training and begin to look further at models and concepts for understanding the ‘process' in clinical supervision. She will present Hawkins' and Shohet's process model of supervision which addresses the processes taking place between the participants in therapeutic and supervision dyad including the client, the practitioner (supervisee), the supervisor and the context of the work. This model assists the supervisor to understand the supervision process and subsequently decide how and where to focus the supervision discussion and address relational dynamics. Also named ‘the seven– eyed supervisor' model, it utilises the concepts of transference, countertransference and parallel process to aid understanding of the dynamics involved in supervision. 

During the workshop we will also explore the various aspects of emotion as they occur in supervision, particularly the personal reactions of supervisees to their clients and work contexts. Focus will be upon the supervisor's responsibilities regarding these issues, keeping in mind the power dynamics in the relationship and ethical considerations of maintaining appropriate boundaries.

The course will be conducted via zoom over two half-days. It will build on the skills learned in the introductory supervision training workshops.

Participants will be invited to share their own supervisory scenarios and participate in small group supervision practice. Attendance will be open to any interested health practitioner or related professional who has attended an introductory supervision workshop.

Fiona Howard 

Fiona Howard is a Clinical 
Psychologist and Senior Tutor in the Doctoral Programme of Clinical Psychology. Her role involves the oversight and organisation of the clinical internships for doctoral students. She also teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Fiona's teaching and research specialties and lie in the fields of professional supervision, adult mental health, addictions, positive psychology, self-care, resilience building and leadership for health professionals. She also works in part-time private practice seeing people for individual therapy and supervision. In addition to this Fiona has been providing training workshops in clinical supervision for over 15 years, facilitating workshops and providing consultancy for many health professionals and organisations including District Health Boards, CYFS, Department of Corrections, Ministry of Education, ProCare, Explore, as well as University programmes within New Zealand. Over the past twenty years Fiona has attended numerous conferences and courses on supervision in the UK and USA. 

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