Heinrich Schliemann’s Multilingual World Tuesday, November 8, 2022
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International entrepreneur-investor Heinrich Schliemann (1822–1890) is famous for his archaeological discoveries at the Homeric sites of Troy and Mycenae and skill in acquiring languages. But his writings remain largely unpublished.

To fill this knowledge gap, Certified Translator and former STIBC President Stefanie Kennell spent 2021-2022 tracing Schliemann's footsteps in Greek archives, examining his earliest extant personal narrative from a linguistic perspective.

 In this webinar, Stefanie discusses turning Schliemann's 64-pp. German letter about his experiences in 1841-1842 into an annotated text with English translation—with remarks on archaic, colloquial, and technical vocabulary, literary allusions, French loanwords, and Dutch—and invites participants to share insights on his languages and journeys.


Stefanie Kennell (Ph.D., Classics, U of Toronto), a STIBC member since 2014, is certified for Greek to English. She also translates Latin, German, French and Italian and has over 30 years' experience lecturing and publishing on the ancient and early byzantine/medieval worlds and archaeological subjects.

This is a webinar via zoom. The zoom link will be shared with participants 24hrs before the event.

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