Working with translation agencies Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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About the Workshop:

Whether you are a new Translator or
Interpreter, or a seasoned professional—the task of deciding which jobs
to accept can be very challenging.

To help navigate the complicated choices, many Translators and
Interpreters choose to work with organizations that operate as language
service providers (translation agencies, interpreting companies, etc.)

  • How do you choose the ‘right' agency for work?

  • How do you get hired by an agency?

  • How do you avoid scams?

These topics and more will be covered in the first part of this informative workshop.

After the presentation, participants will have the opportunity to engage in an interactive discussion/FAQ session.

So be sure to bring your questions, we will discuss them live on Zoom!

About the Instructor:

Bekircan Tahberer, Certified Translator