Language specific workshop - English to Farsi Friday, November 4, 2022
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Language specific translation series: English to Farsi

About the Workshop:

This online workshop is beneficial for beginners in the field of
translation and an excellent refresher for seasoned translators, in
particular for those who will be taking the certification exam.

There are many ways to translate a given sentence in a specific language
combination and they may all be right. But, which ones are more
acceptable within the Canadian/CTTIC context? This is an interactive
workshop where the instructor (a certified translator) and participants
will have a text to translate before they come to the workshop.
Participants will provide their version of the translation and get the
perspective of the instructor, who will elaborate on the common issues
regarding a particular language combination.

Following registration, the source text to translate will be sent to you via
email. You will need to bring your translation with you on the day of
the webinar.

About the Instructor:

Zahra Anvar, Certified Translator (English to Farsi)