Gender-inclusive Romance language translation and revision strategies: an interactive group workshop Tuesday, August 23, 2022
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About the webinar: This interactive workshop will use sample texts within the domains of health and education to examine gender-neutral and non-sexist approaches to translating texts into Romance languages. We will also edit texts written in Romance languages with an eye to rendering them equitable to stakeholders of all genders. While primarily working between English and French/Spanish, this workshop is open to translators working in other Romance languages.

August 23, 10 am, STIBC Main Building: Workshop (1.5 hours) with in-person and virtual attendees (zoom link will be sent a day before workshop if required).
Platforms: ZOOM and Google Docs 
Activities: Direct instruction followed by practical exercises (provided by facilitator, in Google Doc)
Language of Instruction: English, French (limited Spanish)
For translators working from English into French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese