CTTIC Certification Exam - Other Languages to English Online Translation on METTL June 15, 2022 Wednesday, June 15, 2022
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Registration for CTTIC Certification Exam in Other Languages to English Online Translation on METTL.

1. Please make sure you have read the Candidate's Guide - Online Translation Exam on METTL
2. After registration, you will be contacted to schedule your exam. STIBC will make any efforts to accommodate candidates' requests in terms of time. However, spots are limited and shared with all the other provincial associations. We thank all the candidates in advance for their flexibility.

All candidates must be STIBC members in good standing. Please note that candidates are only allowed to take the same type of exam (translation, community/court/medical written/oral component) in a specific language combination ONCE per year.

Refund policy:
Candidates registering for a CTTIC exam through STIBC are required to pay the cost of the exam ($400) plus a NON-REFUNDABLE administrative fee of $50.00.

Cancellation policy:
Requests for cancellation without financial penalty must be received by the Exam Coordinator by e-mail ( at least 30 days before the scheduled date of the examination.
No refunds will be given for cancellation requests received within 30 days of the exam. In the case of an officially documented medical reason that prevents the candidate from writing the exam, STIBC will refund a percentage of the exam price, subject to CTTIC's refund policy.
The candidate shall pay in full (100%) for any rescheduled examination + administrative fees.

Please contact the STIBC Certification Exam Coordinator at for any further information.