7 Steps to Land a Dream Client Wednesday, March 30, 2022
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This is an online Webinar via Zoom. Zoom link will be emailed to registrants the day before the session.

About the webinar:
In the feast-or-famine world of a freelance translator, it can be tempting to take whatever work comes your way. But imagine what your life might be like if you carefully defined and landed your dream  clients—and only did work that you love and that aligns with your highest values.

This webinar is an invitation to reflect on your deepest goals and then take systematic action in order to make them a reality. As you will see, it absolutely can be done!

Based on real-life case studies, we will go over the tried-and-true approaches in the field, including the Big Four marketing channels used by the world's most successful translators. Along the way, we will address common questions about websites and other communication instruments, social media tactics, networking and trust-building, warm emailing, referrals and endorsements, newsletters, and more.

Get ready to get excited and take action to land your dream clients!


  • Defining your dream client
  • Building a successful brand
  • Using the Big Four marketing channels
  • Putting it all together