GD2 Presents: Anatomy for Bondage: The arms, legs, hip, and groin (With Flashcards) Saturday, November 11, 2023
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GD2 Presents is a class series that welcomes our community at all levels of experience to come learn about a kink related topic. It is open to members and non-members, at no charge.



The arms, legs, hip, and groin (With Flashcards)

Have you ever heard of foot drop? What about wrist drop? This is an in depth class about nerves. We hear so often about nerve damage but seem to have so little information available. This class will be a discussion class on nerve locations, sensations, precautions, and concerns. We will also discuss recent advances in medicine in regards to nerve repair. We will cover the anatomy of the arms from shoulder to wrist with nerve, artery, and vein anatomy. We will also cover the anatomy of the groin and legs in regards to nerve, artery, and vein pathways. This class is for both tops and bottoms as we are all responsible for knowing our anatomy, the precautions, and risks of rope bondage, nerve damage, and medical risk.


FL:Fynch, a national rope presenter, became active in her local rope community in August of 2012. She started assisting with Rope Bite Indy in April of 2013 and has assisted with Indy Rope Group as well. In October of 2013 Fynch started her own group, Lady Riggers and Bunnies, to support female riggers and bunnies of all genders. In March 2015 she revived the Indianapolis chapter of Rope Bite, which was taught quarterly. She has coordinated kinky, educational, rope events such as Camping With Rope and GrUE Indy. She has also taught at various events across the nation such as Bound in Boston, Wristrained, and NARIX LA. She now teaches with IndyTies.

With a passion for anatomy and safety she has created several flash cards that are available in PDF format. The cards that have been created so far cover basic negotiation, the anatomy of the arm, as well as the anatomy of the hip, groin, and upper leg.

FL: Mindentangled started his rope journey in the summer of 2021 and quickly became immersed in one on one study @Ropedaddy-studio. During the course of his study and exploration, he came to appreciate and enjoy both rigging and bottoming. Bottoming offered its own unique understanding and insight to the world of shibari, setting the stage for a deeper connection with Fynch. Rope for Mindentangled is playful, sensual connection while rigging and almost meditative surrender when bottoming. He's excited to be a part of educational activities and the opportunity to interact with others outside his local community.

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**5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.**

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