Independent Learner: Clinical Research Coordinator CRC Course 2020-(price in effect from April 1 2020 to March 31 2021)
This course is meant to provide clinical research staff with the foundational skills needed to successfully and confidently operationalize clinical research studies. There are thirteen modules that provide clinical research staff with tips and skills on how to review a protocol, conduct informed consent and manage finances and resources, among other topics. We suggest learners review the course on Biomedical Research Ethics which provides an excellent background on research ethics involving human participants, prior to completing this module.

The course may be useful for onboarding new CRCs and other clinical research staff (including new investigators) and is suitable for all clinical research staff conducting clinical research studies in Canada.  
Independent Learner
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Independent Learners purchasing this item are entitled to take this training.  Once payment is processed, the learner will have access to complete the course, for one year after beginning the first module. Anyone who has not completed their course by the one year mark, will have to continue once payment for the following year has been received.

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