Working at Heights - SOLD OUT Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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The objective of the Fall Prevention and Fall Protection Working a Heights Program is to increase the attendees awareness and knowledge about the potential hazards of Working at Heights and understand what fall prevention and fall protection controls must be in place to work safely.

Program Content:
- Upon completion of this course, students will understand the following:
- Laws, Regulations and Standards, etc. with regards to Working at Heights
- Recognize, Assess and Control hazards associated with Working at Heights
- Fall Prevention systems and their components
- Fall Protection systems and their components
- Rescue and Emergency Preparation with regards to Working at Heights
- Equipment care, maintenance and storage
- Inspecting fall arrest systems and their components
- Don and doff of full body harnesses with lanyard
- Setting up Fall Arrest Systems

Who should attend:
- Everyone who may be exposed to fall hazards on a construction site and their supervisors and managers.

Please note: Until further notice use of a face mask will be mandatory to take this class, if you do not have one to bring one will be provided and admission into this class will NOT be allowed without it. Water bottles will be available and attendees will be given a lunch break throughout the course.