(MAR.-MAY) Themed Online Challenge Tuesday, March 1 to Tuesday, May 31, 2022
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March through May Challenge! Now open to the Public!

Novice, Intermediate, Advanced & Professional themes will be randomly selected via a scheduled YouTube video premiere in our Facebook group on Saturday, FEBRUARY 26th at 8:00am (PST) so the March -- May theme can be known a little ahead of time. 

Originally named "Member Galleries" but now we're elevating it to a higher more immersive level and doing a spin-off into "Themed Online Challenges." "What is it?" you ask? Lets break it down;

  • These challenges are not judged. They are to have fun, improve our skills and interact with each other. However, once the challenges come to a close, all participants will be displayed in a presentation video and the submitted images will also be added to the corresponding theme gallery from the Member Galleries page which are open to the public and will be great exposure for you!
  • These challenges will run for 3 months at a time which will be the months that we don't have our tri-quarterly shows. So challenges will run from MAR. through MAY, JUL. through SEP., NOV. through JAN.
  • Registration will be required to participate in these challenges whether you're a Member or not so we may keep track of the participants and due to the fact that...
  • Artists will be grouped by their artist level. So all Novice Members that register will be grouped together, all Intermediate Members will be grouped together, etc.
  • This is done to challenge yourself with something you normally don't create to stretch your limits and skills... AND have FUN with each other!
  • Once complete with your challenge sculpture, submit it here!

You create your sculpture in the category/genre you'd like and submit it to that particular gallery category to be displayed to the public. More and more artist will do the same and it will add artistic diversity to our Membership community and sculpting skills set.

It will also challenge us to go out of our artistic comfort zone so that we may evolve and grow not only as an artist but as a human being because challenging ourselves here will spill into the rest of our lives and how we live it on a daily basis.

  1. Register for the Challenge (fill out and submit the form on the bottom of this page)
  2. Create your artdoll(s), however many you can make in the three months the challenge lasts
  3. Submit your artdoll(s) HERE.

  1. If a challenge has already started can I register late? Of course! you can register at any point during a challenge. Just make sure you leave yourself enough time in the challenge to complete it.
  2. Do we know what the themes are going to be for each challenge ahead of time? No, the themes for each show will be randomly selected using the IADR Theme Wheel (details above) on day 1 of the challenge month.
  3. Can we submit more than one sculpture to the challenge? Absolutely! Because these are challenges and not shows and because the sculptures will be submitted to the corresponding Member Galleries for public display after the challenge, you can submit as many sculptures as you can complete in the time-frame we have for each challenge!

This will expand the horizons of IADR and its incredible Members!

This Members-Only benefit has now been opened up to the public for a small entry fee. If you'd like to participate and enjoy this benefit for free and all the other benefits, consider joining our family of artists below.

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