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Canadian Style Guide (PDF of 1997 version)
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This Translation Bureau tool is available as a PDF version (1997). 
The French Version, Le Guide du r├ędacteur, is also available as PDF version.
Since then it was transformed in to a very useful online tool: Writing Tips Plus.

Free download! (link provided above)
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Shipping & Handling Fee
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Practice Examination
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Prepare for CTTIC Certification Exam in your language combination(s) of choice.

Candidates can do the practice exam in the comfort of their own home.  A professional marker will provide feed-back.

Candidates can translate one or two texts. Please note that the "two text exam" option will be the SAME language combination for BOTH texts. If you would like to do the exam in both language combinations, you have to purchase an additional exam.

Once you purchase a practice exam(s), a package will be sent to you.

Job Posting
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Reach 800 Language Professionals in BC with a Job Posting that will be shared on our web site, sent in an e-blast to all our members and a post on our Facebook page (900 followers).
Shipping & Handling Fee (International)
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International Shipping & Handling Fee
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