Independent Learner: TDG/IATA (Transportation of Dangerous Goods/International Air Transport Association) (prices in effect April 1 2020 to March 31 2021)
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Specific training is required to ensure that all people conducting research with dangerous materials, agents or devices are in compliance with all applicable laws. The course consists of 6 modules: Introduction to TDG, Identification and Classification of Dangerous Goods; Packaging and Containment; Marking and Labelling; Documentation; ERAP and Accidental Release Reporting.


The course is suitable for a broad range of learners ranging from researchers working in labs that handle dangerous goods to clinical research staff or anyone involved in the packaging, transportation and/or receiving of dangerous goods.

Independent Learner
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Independent Learners purchasing this item are entitled to take this training.  Once payment is processed, the learner will have access to complete the course, for one year after beginning the first module. Anyone who has not completed their course by the one year mark, will have to continue once payment for the following year has been received.

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